Which CGM is Right for You?

The good news is that our diabetes management technology choices are expanding every day. So you have to determine what works best for you right now. To help you to make a decision, we’re taking a plunge into the new Freestyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system.

Should you use a Freestyle Libre system?

With the Freestyle Libre system authorized for use in the United States, many PWDs worldwide see Libre as a new method for enhancing their management of diabetes. But what is the Freestyle Libre system, exactly, and how do you know if it suits you well? To get a feel for their interactions with the flash glucose meter, we spoke with a couple of experienced Libre users.


How is Freestyle Libre functioning?

The Freestyle Libre is a device for flash glucose monitoring that involves a sensor and a handheld reader worn on the back of the upper arm. To measure glucose levels per minute, the sensor uses a thin filament inserted underneath the skin. The handheld reader is used, replacing routine finger sticks, to scan the sensor. The Libre, recently licensed for use in the United States, has been internationally available for several months.

The difference between the US variant and the global variant is that the US version has a sensor life of 10 days, a reader’s queuing time of 12 hours, and requires a prescription, while the international version has a sensor life of 14 days, a warm-up time of 1 hour after insertion, and no prescription is needed.

How do I assess which one to use?

There are some points to consider, but the determining factor is insurance coverage for most. Outside the US, most insurance providers are entirely or partly covered by Libre. However, conventional CGMs do not obtain coverage, leaving patients out of their pockets to pay costs.

But individuals with diabetes have some points to remember until cost/payment is secured. Do you feel that you need a CGM, which alarms you when you go above or below thresholds? Does insertion ease and wearability matter most? Are you okay with having another gadget, or do you need the your devices paired down? Do you have adhesive allergies?

See which one is the best to incorporate into your lifestyle, and check in with individuals who have been wearing one. Real-life experience and peer reviews could be just the data you need to make an educated decision, along with the advice of your health care provider.

Other Benefits of Libre: 

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