Glucose is the primary form of sugar in the blood and is the predominant energy source for the cells of the body. Glucose comes from foods that we consume, or from other compounds that the body can produce.

Glucose is transferred through the bloodstream into the cells. Various hormones, including insulin, regulate blood glucose levels. When a person has high levels of sugar in their body it could be that A) their body stopped making insulin (Type-1 Diabetes), or B) their body doesn’t respond to insulin properly (Type-2 Diabetes). The body requires insulin, so that blood glucose can reach the body’s cells where it can be used for energy. Glucose rises in the blood in people with diabetes, leading to hyperglycemia.

People with diabetes has to often check the amount of food that they eat and what type of ingredients it has because getting too much sugar in the blood for a long period of time can cause severe health issues if it is not treated. Hyperglycemiawhich can increase the risk of heart failure and stroke, kidney disease, vision problems, and nerve problems, can damage the vessels that provide blood to vital organs. In children or teenagers who have had the disease for just a few years, these issues do not normally turn up. But some people with diabetes may happen in adulthood , particularly if they have not handled or controlled their diabetes well. That’s where Continuous Glucose Monitoring comes in.

Continuous glucose monitoring actively checks blood glucose levels during the day and night. You can see the glucose level at a glance at any time. You may also monitor how the glucose shifts over a few hours or days to see patterns. Watching glucose levels in real-time will help you make more educated choices during the day of balancing your diet, physical activity, and medicines.

This is possible because CGM works through a small sensor implanted under your skin, it is usually inserted on your belly or your arm, this sensor checks your interstitial glucose levels and sends all this data to a monitor, which can be not only traditional medical devices, but also a smartphone or a tablet. Since it usually checks your glucose levels every five minutes or so, this lets the user have instant information about the state of their body, which is extremely helpful because then, the person can adapt their diet accordingly.

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