If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you’ll remember that, in the last post we did, we talked a bit about what Urinary Catheterization is, where it came from and what was the most common type of catheters you could find out there. At the end of the post, we determined that Intermittent and Condom Catheters were more beneficial compared to the Foley ones because you can save time and money originally destined for visits to the doctor, but, if we really think about it… is that the only benefit that Intermittent Catheters could bring to patients?

The answer, thankfully, is a big NO, so we consider that it was just appropriate if we could present, and explain to you THREE benefits that intermittent catheters bring to patients:

  1. It effectively drains the urethra without compromising the user: Compared to other types of catheters that need to be left attached to the urethra, intermittent catheterization proves to be more efficient and effective when draining the bladder. The user has to use them only when going to the toilet, and the lack of a leg bag makes them more convenient.Intermittent Catheters also have a lower risk of infection than other types of catheters, and they have the least impact on the user’s daily activities.
  2.  It’s totally safe: Indwelling catheters can cause problems, including leaks, infections, bladder blockages, and more. Those issues are a thing of the past with the advent and implementation of Intermittent Catheterization, due to how simple is the process of catheterization. Of course, follows the recommended hygiene guidelines.
  3. It’s simple: Most people can catheterize themselves. Even children should be able to learn catheterization alone without much problem. If the user can’t physically do it, a caregiver can help with the process.

Although Intermittent Catheterization brings a lot of benefits and improvements over the daily life of a patient, you should always ask your doctor which type of catheter is more adequate for you, not only because their answer will be accurate to your specific case, but because they can also teach you how to properly use the catheter so you don’t hurt yourself in the process.

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