Urinary Catheters: What Are They & Common Types


Urinary Catheterization is a medical practice that consists of introducing a Latex, Silicone, or Polyurethane tube into the bladder through the urethra, allowing the collection of urine that cannot be expelled naturally from the body of the user. Also, it can also be used to inject liquids used in the treatment or diagnosis of bladder disorders. The Urinary Catheter, is the device used during this practice.

Since its inception, which dates back to the year 3,000 B.C., Catheters have seen more than a handful of changes that have led us to the several types of devices that can be used today for this medical practice.

Some of them are:

Now, after reading the list above, we can see that the intermittent catheter and the condom catheter have a strong benefit over the first: they don’t require medical help to be used, which means that you don’t have to waste the time of your day going to the doctor to do the catheterization, and you can save the money you were going to invest in that trip to the clinic. And while these two items have tremendous advantages over the Foley Catheter, we suggest a professional’s orientation for first-time users.

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