Top 10 CGM Questions


Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) can assist you in making educated medical choices that can lead to improved glycemic control, whether you live with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. 


Top 10 CGM Questions 


  1. What details can Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) provide me? 

Throughout the day and night, CGM tests glucose in the tissue fluid, roughly every five minutes, and sends the collected data. This data will tell you how trendy your glucose levels are so that you can make better decisions about your insulin dosage. 


  1. For my blood glucose readings, can I set a ‘healthy range’? 

You can set high and low numbers for your threshold, and when it detects your glucose levels have moved out of the range, the CGM will warn you. 


  1. When I use CGM, do I still have to monitor my blood sugar? 

With CGM, you will also have to measure your blood sugar to calibrate the sensor. 


  1. To use CGM, do I need an insulin pump? 

No, while some CGM systems will tie in with a pump, it is possible to use CGM separately. 


  1. How long am I allowed to wear CGM sensors until I have to change them?

You can wear sensors for up to 14 days.


  1. For my CGM sensors and insulin pump, can I use the same insertion site? 

No, two separate sites are needed for CGM and an insulin pump if you have a separate one. 


  1. Will parents and members of other care teams access the CGM data of a patient? 

Yes, some CGM device models are smartphone compatible to allow members of the care team to track CGM data remotely through text notifications or an app. It can be particularly beneficial for parents who have children with diabetes, as their blood sugar levels can be tracked from afar (for example, the daughter is in school and her father is at work). 


  1. Can I display a smartphone’s CGM data? 

Yes, CGM will be shown by Freestyle Libre on your smartphone. 


  1. Is CGM open to insurance coverage? 

Yes, many insurance policies cover CGM. You can contact us for more information about the CGM.


  1. How Does Scanning work on Libre? 

The distinction with other CGM devices is that there is no continuous data being sent to your computer by the FreeStyle Libre. To obtain the blood glucose information, the sensor must be scanned. Up to 8 hours of data can be processed by the sensor at one time. It only takes about 3 seconds to complete the scanning process and can run across layers of clothing. 

You can add tags to your scans, such as insulin, calories, exercise and more on the home screen on the handheld unit. This will help you to gain a better understanding during certain activities of what your blood sugar is doing. 

The Accuracy of data 

One of the main concerns of many is still the accuracy of modern technologies. As compared to the G4 Platinum sensor of the Dexcom system, the FreeStyle Libre has been said to have comparable accuracy. 

Differences between classical CGM’s 

Elements such as CGM tracking such as a sensor, values taken every few minutes, trend arrows and data as well as downloadable information are used by FreeStyle Libre. However, separate from those provided by Dexcom and Medtronic, it is considered to be a new type of CGM technology. 

No Alarms or Warnings 

Since the system does not transmit continuous data to the handheld reader, the FreeStyle Libre has no alarms or warnings. This could be the device to use for those who don’t want a lot of warnings but still want to be on track with their blood sugar trends. 

No Calibrations 

To calibrate it, users do not have to add their blood sugar levels to the system. It’s worn for around an hour before the sensor begins, and then the data can be seen as well as patterns. The ExCom device needs 2 calibrations a day and has a two-hour warm-up period before the user’s receiver receives information. 

No Needed Prescription 

The Libre requires no prescription to be purchased and can be bought online. Both Medtronic and Dexcom systems need a prescription, meaning it will take much longer than buying the Libre to make one available to you.


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