Taking Care of Catheter

Everyone needs to make sure that your catheter is operating correctly as to not get an infection or skin irritation. make sure to throughly clean the tube and area of contact on your body—making the catheter part of your everyday routine and skincare. You should also check with your health care provider if, with the catheter in place, you should can a shower.

How do I get my urinary catheter clean?

You need to gently wash your penis and the whole catheter tube two times a day with soap and warm water. This should be done daily, in the morning and before you go to bed at night. Don’t take a bath in the tub while your catheter is in place. Keeping the penis and the catheter clean is necessary so that you do not get an infection.

Cleaning the catheter and skin out of the tub.


How do I get my urinary collection bags cleaned?

Just like washing your catheter tubing and penis every day is vital to lower your risk of having an infection, it is essential to clean your urine collection bag after each use. It is best to clean the bag with soap and warm water after changing your urine collection bag.

To make the bag for collecting urine as clean as possible, you can use:

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