Intermittent Catheterization for Men

Whether you can use a catheter yourself or someone does it for you, periodic catheterization services (ICPs) are also used. You insert the catheter into the bladder through the urethra, a thin, flexible, hollow tube that allows the urine to drain out. This kind of catheter is not permanent.

An ICP allows you to restrict your fluids in general. You and your doctor should determine how much fluid you will consume each day and the best times to use the catheter.


How the catheter should be used

A general description of the protocol is presented below. Your recovery (rehab) team or doctor will teach you how to handle a catheterization and/or for a loved one.






Caring for catheters

Catheters for one-time use must be thrown away after each use. If you have a reusable catheter, you will need to wash and dry it after each use. To have your catheter cleaned:

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