Intermittent Catheter through Medicare


Per month, Medicare covers 200 single-use intermittent catheters (straight tip or coude-tip). A medical necessity or barrier to using a straight tip catheter must be shown for the Coude tip type of catheter for Medicare to cover the Coude tip.

Two hundred catheters make it possible for you to adjust your catheter at least six times a day. Should any insertion problems occur, you will have additional issues.

The pain of insertion is one of the biggest obstacles to daily catheter use. For this cause, Aeroflow, by Medicare, recommends a hydrophilic catheter. Hydrophilic catheters minimize the risk of failed insertions due to sterile saline lubrication.

The sterile saline lubrication minimizes the risk of failed insertions. Patients can experience an increase in their therapy’s efficacy and quality of life by removing obstacles to safe and daily catheterization.

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