Condom Catheters: A Guide

Condom catheters: When and How to Use


External urinary catheters are condom catheters that are worn like a condom. As it drains out of your bladder, they gather urine and transfer it to a collection bag strapped to your leg. Usually, they are used by men with urinary incontinence (not able to control their bladder).

Using a thin tube inserted into your urethra (Foley catheter) or a small incision in the skin above your bladder (suprapubic catheter), external urinary catheters are less invasive than internal catheters, which remove urine from your bladder.

For people who can’t stand up to go to the toilet or have difficulty emptying their bladder (urinary retention), internal catheters are used in hospitals.

Condom catheters are often favored by men over internal urinary catheters because they are easier to use, can be adjusted at home, and are non-invasive (i.e., nothing is inserted into their body).

Keep reading to find out who is a suitable candidate for an external condom catheter, how to use one, benefits and disadvantages, and more.


Who’s a successful condom catheter candidate?

Condom catheters are intended for men whose bladders can drain urine but who have difficulty regulating when it is released. Any of these situations are:


In unusual cases, condom catheters are also used, such as when:

Both circumcised and uncircumcised men are willing to use condom catheters.


When an internal catheter is more appropriate,

If urine cannot drain out of your bladder, condom catheters aren’t helpful. An internal catheter is required in that case to circumvent whatever blocks the flow of urine.

Conditions in which an inner catheter is used include:


What advantages would a condom catheter have?

Compared to internal catheters, condom catheters have many advantages. For instance:


What are the drawbacks of a condom catheter?

There are also several drawbacks to condom catheters. For instance, they:

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