The Food For Diabetes 

The Food For Diabetes Healthy eating will help you avoid diabetes, regulate it, and even reverse it. And without feeling hungry or deprived, you can still enjoy your food with these tips.  What’s the safest diabetes diet?  You have the same dietary requirements as everyone else, whether you’re trying to avoid or regulate diabetes, so […]

Types of Male Catheters

Types of Male Catheters Did your doctor inform you that you’d have to start using a male urinary catheter? Get more information on the three main styles of men’s catheters here! Three Types of Male Intermittent Catheters Why use male catheters? A thin tube consisting of vinyl, rubber, or silicone is an intermittent catheter inserted […]

Top challenges for first time Catheter users

Top challenges for first time Catheter users Overcoming new catheter users’ top challenges   There are several options for male catheters, so taking the time to determine which one is the best for you is valuable. You will find a way that suits you physically and helps you enjoy your lifestyle with your healthcare provider’s […]

Intermittent Catheterization for Men

Intermittent Catheterization for Men Whether you can use a catheter yourself or someone does it for you, periodic catheterization services (ICPs) are also used. You insert the catheter into the bladder through the urethra, a thin, flexible, hollow tube that allows the urine to drain out. This kind of catheter is not permanent. An ICP […]