Blood Glucose Meter: How to Choose

You’ll need a blood glucose meter to calculate and show the amount of sugar (glucose) in the blood if you have diabetes. Exercise, diet, drugs, stress, and other factors can influence your blood glucose levels. Monitoring any changes in your blood glucose level using a blood glucose meter will allow you to control your diabetes better.

Picking the correct meter

It will help to know the fundamentals of how they work when choosing a blood glucose meter. You insert a test strip into the system first to use most blood glucose meters. To get a drop of blood, you then poke a clean fingertip with a special needle. You touch the blood test strip carefully and wait until a blood glucose reading appears on the screen.

Ease of use and upkeep. It is safer to use individual meters than others. Are the meter and the test strips both convenient and quick to hold? Can you see the numbers on the computer/app easily? How simple is it to have blood on the strips? How significant a drop of blood does it take?

Special Characteristics. To see what suits your unique needs, inquire about the features. Big easy-to-handle buttons and test strips, illuminated displays, and audio can be unique features that may be useful for people with impaired vision.

Collection and Retrieval of Information. Consider how it stores and retrieves data from the meter. Some can track anything in a log that you would usually write, such as a test’s time and date, the results, and patterns. With a mobile app, several meters provide the opportunity to share your readings in real-time with your doctor. Or others might provide the alternative of uploading your blood glucose readings to a computer or mobile phone and then sending your doctor the test results by email.

Help. Several meter manufacturers include a toll-free number that you can call for assistance. Look for a meter that contains simple directions that indicate how to use the meter correctly. On their websites, some manufacturers provide user manuals.

Ask a diabetes educator or your doctor for a recommendation if you have looked at the expenses, features, and other factors and are still unsure which blood glucose meter to purchase or simply contact us.

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